Don’t Judge 30-day Challenge!

Don't Judge Challenge


BUT, just getting closer to living in a less judgmental fashion makes us ALL WINNERS!

Here’s AZIAM’s 2-step Formula:

Step 1: Witness Your Reality – We are not going to take away your opinions or perceptions. We are simply taking away reactions to them. In every potentially judgmental situation you find yourself in, feel free to say whatever you want in your own mind. Ex: Someone snags a parking spot you were pulling into. In your mind, go for it – you have 5 seconds (only) to assess it and label it, then FOLLOW STEP 2.

Step 2: LET IT GO. Follow every 5 second assessment with “AND SO IT IS.” That’s it, AND SO IT IS. Then MOVE ON.

This practice is meant to get us into the habit of not letting life’s imperfections drag us down for too long.

Another example: You see someone that you would normally gossip about, or judge even though you do not know anything about them. In your mind take your 5 seconds to assess (just witness the reality). At 6 seconds, say “AND SO IT IS” while moving on – never engaging more than the 5 seconds of assessment.

Now, here’s how to win!

SHARE! Share your experiences with posts, photos, instagrams, tweets and YouTube videos! Tag @aziamyoga in all of these (same handle for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube). Tell us how this has helped you be less judgmental.

At the end of 30 days we will have two rounds to pick a winner. ROUND 1 is by the number of Likes, Shares, Retweets, etc. The top 5 contestants will move to ROUND 2 where AZIAM employees will vote.

Votes will be based on 1) Transforming a situation that you could fall into Judgment 2) Use the phrase “AND SO IT IS” 3) Include the hashtag #asiam and tag @aziamyoga and 4) Creativity.

Ready??? Let’s do this together. The world needs less judgment (and I know that we do, too).