DETOX YOGA Retreat in Desert Hot Springs, CA May 16-18, 2014

Daren Myers

Socially responsible entrepreneur Daren Myers is a renowned certified fitness and nutritional specialist. His holistic approach to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle has transformed 100’s of individuals to date. A self described “Qualitarian”, Darens mission is to redefine healthy living by bringing awareness to quality nutrition and functional body movement patterns. “Better movement and nutrition can be accomplished and enjoyed through progressive lifestyle integrations” Daren is the proud owner of Rau Chocolate, a cold pressed raw cacao health beverage located here in Southern California. Developed out of his beach kitchen with passion, he is striving to change the way our world experiences chocolate…the real, raw healthy way. Due to his relentless passion for quality and nutrition, Rau has emerged as a staple product in retailers such as Whole Foods, Vons, Mothers Market etc. He lives by one simple quote: “Live life with one foot hanging off the cliff.” Find out more about Daren and Rau at

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