Seva Yoga Retreat – Thailand April 12-20, 2015


Chiang Mai is the largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand​, home to scores of beautiful Buddhist temples (Wat’s) scattered throughout the city, culture, shopping and of course, excellent food. We will stay in a 4 star centrally located hotel to rejuvenate from our journey and enjoy the culture of Northern Thailand.

The streets of Chiang Mai.

​Your time at the Elephant Nature Park….Our time at the park is heart and purpose of this trip. The Thai Elephant is an endangered species and there are no other non profits like the ENP offering pure service to injured/abused/abandoned elephants, and fully dedicated to education and to preserving the species.
Expect a true once in a lifetime experience volunteering at the ENP.  The park and these regal endangered animals rely on the assistance, love and dedication of volunteers year round.  From cleaning food and feeding the elephants, to working with the staff and veterinarians, bathing the elephants, working on the property and possibly even taking trips into  the countryside.You’ll experience the elephants and experience local and tribal lifestyles, culture and hospitality.

Please email for details and to reserve your space!


One thought on “Seva Yoga Retreat – Thailand April 12-20, 2015”

  1. Hello, I missed the trip this year benefitting the Save the Elephant Foundation and I’m wondering when it might be offered again – in 2015? Also, what is the cost? Thank you, Aimee

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