Balance Your Life With Yoga


One of the most challenging aspects of life is finding balance. Especially in today’s fast-paced world, we’re often being pulled in several directions at once. The distractions and duties required of our lives leaves both our bodies and our minds unstable. Luckily, yoga creates awareness within us, can allow us to gain mindfulness, and builds the skills needed to achieve balance. It doesn’t matter if you practice yoga in the comfort of your home as a beginner, or immerse yourself in a deep study at a yoga retreat, if you’re hoping to achieve this balance, think about the following advice during your yoga sessions.

  • Take the Leap

Balancing demands a leap of faith. In order to face the challenges of everyday life, you must push beyond your limits. This practice of testing the status quo is mirrored in yoga. During every yoga session, you extend your body past what you thought was possible. As you challenge your status quo in class, you gain the confidence to do the same in everyday life. Yoga equips you with the tools necessary to take the leap of faith that true balance requires.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Fall

Both in yoga and in life, sustaining a healthy balance requires letting go as much as it does maintaining control. You can’t be afraid to fall off the cliff. Once you have taken the leap of faith, don’t look back or become nervous. In yoga, if you clench every muscle, you’re actually more likely to fall over. Let go, and embrace the discomfort. Similarly, in life, you cannot be afraid to fail. Persevere. More often than not, the effort put into either your pose or your daily duties means more than success. Plus, even if you do not succeed, each attempt will place you closer to your goal. The courage necessary to fail reminds us that things in the present are worth our while. Falling and failing is a part of life. Don’t be afraid to near it in any realm of your life.

  • Be Present

The whole purpose of yoga is to be with yourself, regardless of your state of mind. Keep your eyes focused on a single object, whether it’s a spot on the floor as you stand in tree pose or the grocery list you need to knock off of your to-do list. Practicing yoga every day can give you the peace of mind necessary to make self-care a priority and to undertake distractions and commitments with ease. Accept whatever comes to you in life, and don’t get upset with yourself if things go awry. Keep a clear mind, and do all that you can to accomplish what needs to be done.

Aside from physically adjusting your body from the imbalances unequal pressure creates, yoga mimics life. The poses we move through mirror the phases of life. Even as we twist and bend, just as we do in life, we are encourage to breathe, to embrace the pain, and to make adjustments when necessary.

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