Rau Cacao Beverage


For those of you who know me well, you know that I am very selective with what I eat. I often find myself struggling to find anything truly healthy while in a health food store! Most of the time when foods are packaged preservative agents are added (oftentimes unhealthy chemicals) or excessive sweeteners are added that also make the products less healthy.

When I was asked to try a new Raw Cacao Beverage by Rau, I was skeptical, I will admit. When I looked at the ingredients, however, I was impressed. Zero sugar! OK – but how about the taste and nutritional quality? Not only am I forever searching for pure and healthy, but my body immediately tells me if there is something other than that in anything I eat or drink. Rau Cacao Beverage is the Real Deal. It is so refreshing, so pure, natural and healthy that I have now completely dialed it in as a “must have” in my refrigerator.

What I love about this drink (aside from the nutritional and energy-boosting elements) is that I have the ability to add stevia if I want a healthy sweetener at that time – I get to choose.

Not only is it “the first cold pressed/ raw chocolate beverage that’s full of life and true integrity”, it is the first packaged beverage that has impressed me. Rau cacao beans and the added spices are organically farmed and packed with vital nutrients. It is free of all sugar, dairy, GMO’s, soy, and anything artificial.

Do yourself a favor and try Rau Cacao Beverage today – available in Chocolate or Mint Flavor. Check out the Rau website to see which stores in your area carry Rau, and if they don’t, I would suggest telling your local health food store about this true gem!