Kali-fornia Chakra Collection

About ten years ago, while living in San Diego, I frequently led “Goddess Retreats,” all female, juice-fasting, yoga & hiking retreats in high-energy centers worldwide (Sedona, Maui, India, etc.). I kept a map of California pinned on the wall to the left of my desk and a globe to my right.

For some reason, I was having a ‘Sleepless in Rancho Santa Fe’ kind of a week, where I repeatedly woke up around 3am, unable to fall back asleep. After the fourth or fifth night of this unusual pattern, I went to my desk to do some writing. As I looked to my left, my eyes locked onto Mount Shasta, California. I instantly felt a very strong pull to this site. I started doing a little research online about Shasta, and I was very intrigued with the spiritual and natural writings about the town and mountain.

The very next night, as predicted, I again woke at 3am. I, once again, sat down at my desk, and this time when I looked at my map, I saw seven major cities in California connecting up the state, much like the seven energy chakras of our energetic bodies. Out loud I said, “it’s Kali-fornia!” altering the spelling after the goddess, Kali, who rules the first chakra. After all, California is reported to have been named after an African Queen, Califia, and the state seal features the Roman goddess on it’s crest.

The next morning I called a close friend of mine, Bobby Williams, who is the epitome of the masculine adventurer, rugged outdoorsman, and nature-lover. I said, “Bobby, I have to go to Shasta!” He answered without hesitation, “Let’s go!” Within a week, Bobby arrived at my home in San Diego in his white Bronco, ready to ascend California. Together we (he, the extreme masculine energy, and I, the extreme feminine energy) drove through all Kali-fornia Chakra’s from the base of the state (San Diego) to the crown (Mt. Shasta) – all in under 11 hours. Along the way, I took note of the centers and cities, and how they matched the energy of the Yogi Chakra system:

1. San Diego – I AM ABUNDANT – The Muladhara Chakra Tank is printed on a deep red tank, with the words “Kali-fornia Girl.” This center represents your “roots,” including the abundant soil that we root ourselves in. This center focuses on family, security, and abundance of mind, body and world. The back of this tank features the Sanskrit symbol, a list of attributes and the related Kali-fornina Chakra City, San Diego, residing at the base of California. Get Grounded! 

2. Los Angeles – I AM CREATIVE – The Svadhishthana Chakra Tank is printed on a coral tank with the word “FLOW,” reminding you to be fluid, creative and sensual. The back of this tank features the Sanskrit symbol, a list of attributes, and the Kali-fornina Chakra City of Los Angeles – the land of fluid illusions and creativity. Create your life! 

3. San Luis Obispo – I AM POWERFUL – The Manipura Chakra Tank is printed on a yellow tank with the words “I AM” followed by a smile symbol, reminding you of who you are at your core center, nurturing a healthy sense of self, and choosing a happy state of being regardless of circumstances. The back of this tank features the Sanskrit symbol, a list of attributes and the related Kali-fornina Chakra City, San Luis Obispo, known as the “Happiest Place in America.” Be Happy! 

4. San Francisco – I AM LOVE – The Anahata Chakra Tank is printed on a mint colored tank with the words “I LOVE YOU.” Live LOVE, unconditionally. The back of the tank features the Sanskrit symbol for this chakra, a list of attributes and the related Kali-fornina Chakra City, San Francisco. If you left your heart in San Fran, it might be time to get it back! 

5. Sacramento – I AM TRUE – The Vishuddha Chakra Tank is printed on a navy tank with the words “AZ.I.AM,” reminding you to live true to who you are, and to express yourself truthfully. The back of this tank features the Sanskrit symbol, a list of attributes, and the Kali-fornina Chakra City of Sacramento – the voice of Kali-fornia. Live True! 

6. Eureka / Napa Vineyard country – I AM INTUITIVE – The Anja Chakra Tank is printed on a violet tank with the words “IN 2 IT,” reminding you of your innate intuition. The back of this tank features the Sanskrit symbol, a list of attributes, and the Kali-fornina Chakra City of Eureka – center for a-ha realizations and the Purple Haze, psychedelic quality of Napa’s vineyards. Listen to your inner voice! 

7. Mount Shasta – I AM – The Sahasraha Chakra Tank is printed on a white tank with the word “NAMASTE,” center chest, reminding you that we are all One, made of the same pure Spirit source. The back of this tank features the Sanskrit symbol, a list of attributes, and the Kali-fornina Chakra City of Mount Shasta, which means “chaste” or “pure.” Be, as you are. As I AM.

Kali-fornia Girls, we’re undeniable.

Inspired by Chocolate

Three years ago my life took an unexpected turn down Chocolate Lane. Not the one in which I sat on my couch, feeling down and out… endlessly pounding Hershey bars, contemplating what to do with my life. It was quite the opposite, actually, and I believe it was mere fate that I have now found myself using the power of chocolate to inspire everyone around me.

Let me take a few steps back. I moved to San Diego from the East Coast a in 2011, searching for inspiration within the medical field. After realizing the lack of success that Western medicine has had on preventing and eliminating disease (cancer, specifically), I took to the holistic streets. With a backpack full of fitness and nutritional certifications I invested my time influencing and changing peoples lifestyles in a more positive manner. It was simply amazing to see some of the worst health case diagnoses disappear with consistent natural healthy lifestyle choices, and the best part was to see people who had once felt in despair smiling again and enjoying their lives.

Out of this newfound love for nutritional healing I stumbled upon one of the most nutritionally rich superfoods on the planet, which had been sitting right under my nose my entire life. CACAO!! However you pronounce it; cacoa, cacao, chocolate has been savored by all cultures as a guilty pleasure since the beginning of time. Real chocolate in its raw state is an amazing superfood that holds extraordinary antioxidant and nutrient power. How could this be true, I thought? The more research that I did, the sooner I realized that the processed chocolate as we all know it is nothing like its raw bean form sprouted from a tree.

Chocolate was first discovered by the Mayans and Incans as Theobroma Cacao, “Food of the Gods”, and eaten directly from the chocolate tree…raw. Current day “chocolate” is far, far from its origins. The majority of consumer chocolate today is destroyed by heat processing, refining and pumping of terrible sugars. As a result, it lacks any nutritional benefit, and even further it acts as a negative vice to our health.

Top 5 health benefits of raw cacao:

• Raw cacao is the #1 antioxidant source – higher than acai, goji berries and blueberries combined.

• Raw cacao is one of the highest sources of Magnesium. Magnesium is one of the top 3 vitamin/mineral deficiencies in our western diet behind Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

• Raw cacao contains over 1,2000 phytonutrients that help regulate almost all cell processes in our bodies.

• Raw cacao contains zero sugar.

• Raw cacao helps control blood sugar and blood pressure, necessary to prevent diabetes and heart disease.

Inspired and perplexed by cacaos nutritional value I felt it was time to take it back to the early Mayan days. For those of you who inspire to live healthier AND love chocolate, get your hands on either some raw cacao beans, nibs or even powder. Aside from the health benefits I listed above, they will blow your taste buds away! Not to mention how invigorating and guilt free that you will feel for indulging in a rich, delicious treat that is 100% good for you. Both the powder and nibs are the raw cacao beans that are simply ground up from the bean. They are all equally healthy for you. I find that the powder is best mixed into smoothies, for those who enjoy shakes and smoothies.

As for my story, I spent countless mornings taking raw cacao beans, which grow in pods on 10-15 ft tall chocolate trees, and fusing them with some of the world’s highest quality organic spices, all in a tasty beverage form. That’s it…spices and cacao! This concoction has positively changed my life. The reason for all of my research and experimenting was to create a truly clean and invigorating raw cacao product that would literally change the definition of chocolate. It was such a fun experience covering my kitchen walls with chocolate… and even more humorous explaining the 5th grade science experiment mess to my landlord. In the end it was worth it. One year later, Rau Chocolate was born – the first raw chocolate health beverage with no dairy, no sugar, no gluten, no nothing! Clean and healthy…the way chocolate should be, and bottled to make it easy to carry and easy to drink.

I have created a loving life for myself, driven by my deep passion for true healing. I am proud to be a pioneer changing the way our world experiences chocolate and proud to admit chocolate inspired my life. Follow your passion…you’ll never know where it leads you to next. Cheers to the bean that changed my life!

Keep it simple. Keep it Rau. Bottoms Up!

Rau Cacao Beverage


For those of you who know me well, you know that I am very selective with what I eat. I often find myself struggling to find anything truly healthy while in a health food store! Most of the time when foods are packaged preservative agents are added (oftentimes unhealthy chemicals) or excessive sweeteners are added that also make the products less healthy.

When I was asked to try a new Raw Cacao Beverage by Rau, I was skeptical, I will admit. When I looked at the ingredients, however, I was impressed. Zero sugar! OK – but how about the taste and nutritional quality? Not only am I forever searching for pure and healthy, but my body immediately tells me if there is something other than that in anything I eat or drink. Rau Cacao Beverage is the Real Deal. It is so refreshing, so pure, natural and healthy that I have now completely dialed it in as a “must have” in my refrigerator.

What I love about this drink (aside from the nutritional and energy-boosting elements) is that I have the ability to add stevia if I want a healthy sweetener at that time – I get to choose.

Not only is it “the first cold pressed/ raw chocolate beverage that’s full of life and true integrity”, it is the first packaged beverage that has impressed me. Rau cacao beans and the added spices are organically farmed and packed with vital nutrients. It is free of all sugar, dairy, GMO’s, soy, and anything artificial.

Do yourself a favor and try Rau Cacao Beverage today – available in Chocolate or Mint Flavor. Check out the Rau website to see which stores in your area carry Rau, and if they don’t, I would suggest telling your local health food store about this true gem!